2023 Annual Report

Our 🎉2023 Annual Report 🎉 has now been published. Some key highlights from the report:
🤲 A huge thank you to Island Ministries for their continued support of the Parish
🏦 It cost almost *£40 a day* to keep the churches open and Parish running
💒 We kept running through the generosity of donations, fundraising and life events. To donate to the church online visit www.stthomasharty.org/donate.
💍 We celebrated 9 weddings, 10 baptisms and 13 funerals last year
🗓️ In the community Eastchurch Primary School visited us and we worked with Eastchurch Parish Council
✝️ We are still without a Parish Priest going into our second year
To read the full report visit www.allsaintseastchurch.org/policies.